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Video – HQ FORCOMD Wargaming Conference: ‘Johnny, Timmy and Spike’ – LTCOL N. Bosio

On the 17th of October, Headquarters Forces Command held the Australian Army Wargaming Conference at Victoria Barracks Sydney.

The aim of the conference was to bring together a broad group of experts and interested individuals to discuss the ‘future of wargaming in Army’.

In this presentation, Nick discusses the different personality archetypes of wargaming and how certain traits can be encouraged in our military personnel. He also explains various types of wargames and their associated benefits, such as cooperation, risk/benefit analysis, imagination and decision making.

If you would like to join the ongoing discussion on wargaming, please contact:

One thought on “Video – HQ FORCOMD Wargaming Conference: ‘Johnny, Timmy and Spike’ – LTCOL N. Bosio

  1. One other game you might consider that has a lot to teach about strategic thinking and numerous other areas such as logistics and multilevel cooperation is Eve online.

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