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Future Wargame: Meet VBS 3 Tactics

This is developing tech that may come to the Cove.


VBS 3 is a virtual simulation capability that has been used by Army for a number of years.


Bohemia Interactive are developing a tactical wargaming program called ‘VBS Tactics’.  It uses Artificial Intelligence to create an enemy for you to wargame against.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Future Wargame: Meet VBS 3 Tactics

  1. It looks impressive. I wonder if Defense will allow for serving members to freely use this tool as they have most likely enterprise agreeement with BIS . The cost is quite high for purchase however it provides awesome capabilities. I am personalty fan of Arma3 that shares many of technologies with VBS3 and the usability is high.

    1. Hi David. The option to provide an online gateway to a version of VBS 3 for serving members is certainly one being examined. Like you say, a payoff between cost and gain! Will keep you and other Cove Users up to date.

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