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Video: What It’s Really Like to Fight with the Islamic State via VICE News

This video, obtained by VICE News, reportedly shows head cam footage from Islamic State fighters conducting offensive operations against the Kurdish Peshmerga near Mosul, Iraq.


In the video you can see a home-made armoured SIED vehicle, vehicle TTPs of the Islamic State fighters (including spacings and movement over open ground), their reaction to effective enemy fire, and their potential CASEVAC drills.

2 thoughts on “Video: What It’s Really Like to Fight with the Islamic State via VICE News

  1. As a tank officer, it’s the TTPs of their ‘armoured’ movement that I find interesting. Line abreast, 200m spacings, but no visible depth. Very much a head-on approach to what looks like an elevated, dug in enemy position. Not surprising that they got smashed!

  2. As someone used to pushing the boundaries of when it’s acceptable to not crawl/roll on my guts when out field firing blanks, the fact that the guy rolling is unscathed but the guy standing up gets shot is a stark reminder of the importance of staying low.

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