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Link – ‘Reach for the Sky: Drone Use by Sub-state Actors in Conflict’ via the Wavell Room

Click on the image to access the article via the Wavell Room

Last year the Cove published the article Responding to Weaponised Drones by Stephen Bowles. In this article Stephen asked whether or not the Australian Army was ready to use UAVs and counter them, both with equipment and training in preparation for near-future warfare.

This premise is further reinforced by this article from the Wavell Room. In it, the author, Nick Waters, discusses how asymmetical actors are using off-the-shelf (OTS) commercial drones in the Iraq and Syria conflicts. He highlights how the Islamic State (IS) have led the field using OTS drones to produce a direct kinetic effect on the battlefield, and how the effect they can have is out of proportion to their apparent lack of firepower. Their use of drones have been so successful, even US special forces have had difficulty countering their effect.

As Stephen asks: are we ready?








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