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Link – ISIL UAS Propaganda Video

This GunnyMan7 YouTube video came to the Cove via our colleagues at the Australian Defence Force’s ‘Joint Counter Improvised Threat Task Force’ (JCITTF).

This is a Daesh propaganda video that demonstrates the potential threat posed by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). While noting this is a propaganda video, it is useful to see the impact this type of threat can have on forces in both open and urban environments. The video demonstrates the rapidly evolving nature of threats in the current operational environment. As you watch this video you should consider (individually or as a group):

  • How should we evolve our TTPs to deal with small improvised armed UAS? (countermeasure employment, protection systems, early warning?)
  • Which existing procedures need to be reinforced? (dispersion, camouflage and concealment, night fighting?)
  • What threat would these systems pose in a littoral environment?

The current doctrine on All Corps Air Defence Procedures is Land Warfare Procedures 7-7-9  (link only available via DRN). Does this doctrine adequately address the threat that UAS pose?


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