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Resource – Gateway to the Indo Pacific: Australian Defense Strategy and the Future of the Australia-US Alliance by Jim Thomas, Zack Cooper and Iskander Rehman

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The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments is an independent, nonprofit public policy research institute based in Washington. In 2013, the CBSA produced a report titled ‘Gateway to the Indo Pacific: Australian Defense Strategy and the Future of the Australia-US Alliance’ which offers an American perspective of the US-Australia military alliance.

This report is in three parts:

The first part of the report examines the state of the US-Australia military alliance detailing the current geopolitical shifts occurring in Australia’s immediate area and to what extent these shifts signal the advent of a new era.

The second part of the report details four manners in which Australia could make a contribution in regional security and deterrence, categorised as:

  1. Supportive Sanctuary
  2. Indo-Pacific Watchtower
  3. Green Water Warden
  4. Peripheral Launchpad.

The third part of the report discusses the alignment of Australia’s capabilities with its operational requirements.

Despite its publication date, this report still provides the reader with an insight into how the US views Australia’s role in the US-Australia military alliance and, in particular, within the Indo-Pacific region.

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