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Podcast: ‘Horns of Dilemma: Will Artificial Intelligence Change Everything?’ via War on the Rocks

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In this podcast, War on the Rocks speaks to Michael Horowitz who discusses the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on competition and the balance of power by looking at three questions:

  • What are the ways AI could shape the character of warfare?
  • How could various implementations of AI shape organisational politics?
  • How could these capabilities diffuse?

Michael discusses how AI may develop, and specifically ponders whether there’s a ‘first mover advantage’ in AI development? Will there be an organisation that develops AI and becomes the leading and/or sole industry for AI development, or will it be easily mimicked and multiple competing industries developed? Michael suggests that the latter is more likely, thus making it more challenging to remain ahead in AI development.

Michael also discusses the multi-disciplinary approach that is required to further develop the knowledge and theory of AI.

This podcast complements Michael’s article that he wrote for the Texas National Security Review called ‘Artificial Intelligence, International Competition and the Balance of Power’.

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