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Link – Potential Game Changers via Mad Scientist Laboratory

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The Mad Scientist Initiative continually explores the future through collaborative partnerships and continuous dialogue with academia, industry and government. In this article, the Mad Scientist Laboratory brings together cutting-edge leaders and thinkers from the technology industry, research laboratories, academia, and across the military and Government, to explore the impact of potentially disruptive technologies. The team has put together an assessment of the game changers that will affect how we ‘live, work and prosper’ in the future: technologies that we must understand if we are to succeed in the future operating environment. This is an excellent resource to spark group discussion in collective PME sessions.

The potential game changers are grouped by timeframe. In The Era of Accelerated Progress (now-2035) we will need to understand the impacts of:

  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Swarms/semi-autonomous technology
  • Internet of things
  • Space

In The Era of Contested Equality (2035-2050) we will need to come to grips with:

  • Hyper-velocity weapons
  • Directed energy weapons
  • Synthetic biology
  • Information environment.

This article is accompanied by a 2 page compendium, presented in a concise bullet point style.

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