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Link – ‘On Future Thinking and Innovation: How Military Concept Writing Can Unwittingly Suppress Innovation’ by Brigadier Chris Smith via Australian Army Journal

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This article by Brigadier (BRIG) Chris Smith was first published in the Autumn 2018 Australian Army Journal. BRIG Smith examines military concept writing in terms of ‘explorative’ concepts (an abstract form) and ‘intentional’ concepts (a seminal form, describing or prescribing an intended way of waging wars). 

BRIG Smith’s article details the differences between intentional and explorative concepts. He contends that militaries ought to be cautious about intentional writing because it may suppress ideas, and therefore hinder innovation, whereas explorative concepts overcome this weakness and promote innovation.

The article concludes by recommending an approach to modernisation where Army seeks to overcome adversaries’ advantages through encouraging ideas and seeing where these innovations may lead, rather than prescribing a blueprint for waging future wars.


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