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Link – ‘Long-Range Precision Guided Weapons: The New Force Multiplier’ by Nicholas Drummond via UK Land Power

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In this article via UK Land Power, Nicholas Drummond discusses the new Long Range Precision Guided (LRPG) missile with a Non Line of Sight (NLOS) capability, procured for the UK military. Nicholas discusses how this type of weapon system will become more commonplace in the future and will be developed with additional capabilities including artificial intelligence programming that will identify certain targets and then look for them. The size of warhead, range and delivery options for an NLOS weapon system are also all set to increase. 

The article presents three scenarios on how this new guided weapon system could be utilised and then discusses the variations of capabilities being employed.

This article is an excellent example of the type of weapon system likely to be employed in the future operating environment and complements the paper ‘Coming to terms with the modern way of war: Precision missiles and the land component of Australia’s Joint Force’, by Colonel Chris Smith and Dr Albert Palazzo, also available on The Cove.


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