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Link – ‘Coming to Terms with the Modern Way of War: Precision Missiles and the Land Component of Australia’s Joint Force’ by Colonel C. Smith & Dr A. Palazzo

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This paper written by Chris Smith and Dr Albert Palazzo was published in December 2016 as an Australian Army Research Centre Occasional Paper. Its objective is to ‘spark discussion about the future of Australia’s land forces in light of advances in land-based precision technologies’.

The paper explains how precision missiles are changing the character of war and how these capabilities favour the defender. The authors discuss how the acquisition of precision missiles will enhance the Australian Defence Force’s ability to meet Australia’s strategic defence interests by increasing deterrence, enabling the ADF to keep potential threats far from our shores and potentially reducing the loss and devastation of war.

This discussion is followed by a consideration of the probable effects that a precision missile capability will have on tactics and force structures, and a discussion on the Australian Army’s level of readiness for the changing character of war that the proliferation of precision weapons brings. The authors then detail the characteristics of a future Australian land force and how they must be able to act.

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