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Link – ‘A Century of Getting the Future of War (Mostly) Wrong’ by Walker Mills via the Modern War Institute

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In this articlevia the Modern War Institute, Author Walker Mills discusses the book ‘The Future of War: A History’ by Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at Kings College London. In this book, Professor Freedman explores how future wars were imagined in the 20th Century based on a variety of sources, including fiction, which enables the reader to reflect on how accurate we have been at predicting future wars in the past.

Walker discuses the structure of the book which is presented as a chronological history. This is followed by chapters dedicated to hybrid wars, cyberwar, robots & drones, mega cities, and climate change. As Walker highlights, Freedman leaves the reader with little doubt that these are the areas to focus on when predicting future wars. 

The article supports Freedman’s argument that whilst future wars may not be accurately predicted, it is indisputable that they ‘will continue and will be bloody, costly and unpredictable’ despite changes in technology and strategy. 

An audiobook version of this book is available from the Defence Library Service


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