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Reading List – RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart

RAAC doctrine is the professional body of knowledge for Australian armoured warfare. But how do you read it?

Click here to download the RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart … background is below.

In a recent TRADOC paper, Claire Von Wald talked about how all professions have a ‘body of knowledge’ that forms the foundation of how the profession works.  These are the distillation of often hundreds of years of experience.

For the Australian Army, the ‘professional body of knowledge’ is found in our doctrine.  This is where we store our distillation of the theory of war: the result of centuries of victory and defeat – both our own and that of our allies. This is where we talk about the Australian ‘way of war’, and it needs to be deeply understood across the Force.

But doctrine is not easy, especially when you are just starting out in the profession. How do you read it? Where do you start? How is it structured? Is it all relevant, or can you just read parts of it in the early stages of your career? How important is it in comparison to everything else you need to do?

Cameron Gibbons is an armoured officer and member of Army’s Postern Association.  He has lived the pain of this journey.  Now an instructor at the School of Armour, he has decided to save others the same pain and has created an excellent ‘RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart‘.

This chart does two things. It breaks the doctrine down into the four levels: strategic, operational, tactical and technical. It then splits it into ‘levels of expectation’ at ROBC, Tp Ldr-level and as a Junior Captain. This means you can attack RAAC doctrine in much more bite-sized chunks, working your way through it until you really understand the body of knowledge. It’s designed for armoured commanders, but is just as relevant to other Arms, Services and allies who are going to operate with Australian armour. Cameron has even hyper-linked the publicly available doctrine.

We at the Cove think this is brilliant … a great aid to developing a deep mastery of the profession. We would love to be able to publish similar versions for other Arms. So, if you like this and are passionate about the profession drop us a line. We’ll put you in touch with Cameron had help you develop your own for publication. Let’s build the network.

About the author:

Cameron Gibbons is an Australian Army officer currently serving as the Tank Officer Instructor at the School of Armour.

2 thoughts on “Reading List – RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart

  1. Excellent post and superb way of organising doctrine! I think the links back the fundamentals of a profession is brilliant work.

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