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Link – David Beaumont’s Logistics Primer

Click the image to access a downloadable version of the Logistics Reading Primer
Click the image to access a downloadable version of the Logistics Reading Primer

We’re cultivating all kinds of reading lists and resources at the Cove.  Most are ‘generalist’ on the subject of war and warfare, sourced from experienced officers, WOs and NCOs both in Australia and across our partners.

But some are specific to certain subjects, allowing you to delve far more deeply.  Here David Beaumont from the Australian Army presents his ‘primer’ of key literature on modern military logistics.  David is studying a PhD in strategic logistics with the Australian National University, so this is a list worth looking into! You can follow him on Twitter via @davidblogistics.

Do you have a reading or resource list to offer on your specialisation?  Let us know by clicking contribute.

6 thoughts on “Link – David Beaumont’s Logistics Primer

  1. A really good chart, with the three perspectives being a great take on logistics. For my tuppence worth I’d add Kress, M. Operational Logistics, 2002 to the top line and Foxton, P. Powering War, 1994 to the middle one.

    1. Thanks for your comments – much appreciated. There are other notable omissions, but Kress should have been in there. The selections were made on the basis that they directly demonstrated links to strategy and tactics, but most importantly, to the decision making capacity of commanders. That’s the most vital aspect in logistics in my view. The other interesting, albeit academic, point relates to the origin of modern ‘logistic thinking’ which seemed – to me – to come from a different root than that of modern views of strategy and tactics (re: Clausewitz). This can be seen in perhaps the best book of the lot – Eccles (Logistics in the National Defense) which is conveniently available courtesy of the USMC at

  2. Sir, Thank you for creating and posting the informative graphic. A question, if you don’t mind: if you had to pick one book to recommend for new or junior defence/defense analysts, which would you recommend — Eccles?

    1. It depends upon what you are seeking to analyse! Eccles work clearly describes the relationship of logistics at the ‘strategic level’ (not to be confused with strategy, which he saw alongside tactics and logistics and enabled by communications and intelligence); mobilising the economy to produce, via logistics, tactical outcomes. This theory would be useful in any analysis pitched according, noting it is sixty years old and predates the ‘discovery’ of the operational level of war. If you are interested in tactical or operational-level logistics – as executed in accordance with strategy, a topic particularly relevant to those serving in the military – I would recommend Van Creveld’s ‘Supplying War’, Macksey’s ‘For want of a nail’ and Kane’s ‘Military logistics and strategic performance’ above all else. You might note that the works are all military history based, or focused on theory. For operational analysis / analytics, business science is the best field to examine. I hope this helps.

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