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Link – Australian Army Reading List 2019

The profession of arms can be unforgiving and competitive. The consequences of failing are significant for the individual, their comrades and the nation.

This reading list, via the Australian Army Website, provides a number of publications which will allow you to develop and grow within the profession of arms, so that you are prepared to meet, and defeat, the nation’s adversaries in the future.

For ease of navigation, the reading list’s recommendations are grouped into the following categories:

  • Philosophers of War
  • Military Theory
  • Strategic
  • Joint
  • Operational
  • Tactical
  • Command, Leadership and the Profession of Arms
  • Ethics
  • Australian Military History
  • Regional Context
  • An Australian Experience
  • Future War
  • Military Memoir
  • Personal Development
  • Fiction
  • Foundation Documents

Contact the Defence Library Service if you are interested in checking out a book from this list (DPN users only).

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