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Upcoming Cove Talk – COL Thomas X. Hammes (Ret) ‘The Future Operating Environment’ 21 November 2018


We will be hosting the final CoveTalk of the year on Wednesday 21 November at 1000h AEDT. The subject is ‘The Future Operating Environment’ and the CoveTalk will be delivered by COL TX Hammes, USMC (Retd).

In his thirty years in the Marine Corps, T. X. Hammes served at all levels, including as the Commanding Officer of an intelligence battalion, an infantry battalion and the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force. He participated in stabilisation operations in Somalia and Iraq as well as counter-insurgency training in various places around the world. Hammes has a Masters in Historical Research and a Doctorate in Modern History from Oxford University. He is the author of three books, 17 book chapters, over 150 articles and lectures extensively on the future of conflict, strategy, and insurgency. Hammes is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defence University.

COL Hammes will broadcast live from the USA, hence the timing, and his discussion topics will include:

  • How AI will change the future operating environment, and
  • What innovation is required now to prevent AI-enabled defeat in the future.

For registration information, please contact

As with all Cove talks, questions can be raised on the day. Alternatively, questions can also be sent in advance to the above email address.

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