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Link – ‘How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned’ by Popular Mechanics (via Doctrine Man)

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“Everything proceeded according to plan. And what a plan!”
Prime Minister Churchill speaking of the greatest military assault in history – the invasion of France by the Allied Forces


On Jun 6, 1944 Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. In the August 1944 issue, only two months after the landings, Popular Mechanics published “How the Invasion Was Planned,” detailing how the huge land assault came together.

This article highlights the magnitude of that plan, worked out by persons Hitler once called “military idiots”. It embraced the air, ground and sea forces of the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and other allies.

This article covers how the allies tackled the problems of supply and transport, of pre-invasion training, the production and improvement of weapons, and of photo reconnaissance and mapping – more than 125,000,000 maps alone were used in perfecting the master invasion plan.

Here is that story.




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