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Cove Talk – Corporal Kuttner – Instructor of the Year (2017)

Instructing is both a science and an art. As with any profession, it is a discipline that takes time and dedication to master. It is also one of the most rewarding jobs in the Army.

In this Cove Talk we hear from Corporal John Kuttner, an instructor at the Geospacial Wing, School of Military Engineering, and recipient of the Chief of Army’s Instructor of the Year for 2017.

During the presentation, CPL Kuttner shares his experiences as an instructor and his recent international study tour of the United States. He is also Joined by Regimental Sergeant Major Glen Donaldson who provides his thoughts on what makes a quality instructor.

PME Activity –  Discussion Points and Questions

This PME Activity is designed to be facilitator lead, however, individuals will also benefits by personally reflecting on the questions. The objective of the activity is to allow participants to reconsider the importance of teaching / instructing, and the relationship between teaching and leading.

The recently updated Instructor’s Handbook is an excellent resource for instructors to improve their lesson preparation and delivery. This is Army’s primary guidance for instructors and can also be used as an aid to facilitate discussion.



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