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Wargame: Exercise Aldershot Skirmish via the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Click on the image to access ‘Aldershot Skirmish’

We at the Cove are building a repository of great assets that will make your life easier.  One of our allies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst has produced a great, platoon-level wargame that you can print out and use to train your soldiers.

The Exercise is called ‘Aldershot Skirmish’.  It focuses on the core principles of fire and movement.  All you need to do is print it out, cut out the pieces, stick the map to some cardboard, and you’re away.

When you play, just try and remember the difference between wargaming for Course of Action development, and wargaming for psychological training.  This is very much the latter; it should sharpen your mind, and get you to think about doctrine and TTPs.  Enjoy!

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