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Video – French Special Forces Destroy SVBIED with Missile in Raqqa, Syria

This short but intense video reportedly shows French Special Forces PID’ing and then engaging a Suicide Vehicle Borne IED (SVBIED) as part of the Raqqa Offensive against Daesh in Syria.

The video can’t be verified, but that doesn’t matter.  You can place yourselves in the shoes of the operators, and there are still a ton of things to think about:

  • If you were in a similar defensive position, how would you PID the SVBIED?  Intelligence reporting?  Patterns?  The speed of the car?  Running low to the ground?  This is not something you can afford to get wrong.  It becomes pretty clear they were right when the car fails to stop after the first missile.
  • What RoE would you need to have been briefed in advance?  This was clearly conducted in ‘self-defence’, but they had to be sure the car was a threat.  Could you be sure?
  • You can imagine the stress they would have been feeling when the first missile missed.  But they had a backup which saved them.  How much depth is there in your TTPs?  If the first option went wrong, could you have had the confidence and drills to get a second missile away?
  • With the blood up, h0w would you have re-set the situation?  What critical information would you have needed to send up the net?  How well could you have reacted to a follow up attack?

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