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Podcast – ‘Achieving Tactical Overmatch’ with MAJGEN (Retd) Robert Scales via the Modern War Institute

Click the image to access the podcast with MAJ GEN Scales
Click the image to access the podcast with MAJ GEN Scales

A #covesource from a Cove Contributor!  With thanks to @BenJeppi …

The Modern War Institute is a division of the West Point Military Academy that studies modern war.  They run an excellent podcast series.  You can follow them on Twitter @WarInstitute.

In Episode 16 (at link or by clicking image above) they talk to MAJGEN (Retd) Robert Scales (former commander of the US Army War College) about how the role of infantry is changing, and what we might need to do to increase lethality, lower the burden and maximise killing potential.

If you’re an infanteer, of whatever rank, this one’s for you …

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