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Link – Leadership in Focus: Listen, Learn and Lead via Grounded Curiosity

Click on the image to view the article via Grounded Curiosity

WO1 Jason Moriarty is the Regimental Sergeant Major of 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers. In this short article, he explores the Chief of Army’s leadership philosophy of ‘Listen, Learn and Lead’ from a uniquely personal perspective.  While the words in isolation are simple, when linked together, they assume a much more powerful meaning.

Grounded Curiosity is a great site run by an active ADF member that focuses on the profession of arms. You can see more at

After reading the article, think about what the words ‘Listen, Learn and Lead’ mean to you.

  • Why has the Chief of Army chosen these three words in particular?
  • Do you agree with the authors interpretation?
  • Do Army leaders believe that ‘followers have an intolerance for mistakes?’
  • Can a person develop charisma?

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