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Link – ‘168 Leadership Series’ via 3×5 Leadership

click on the image to access the 168 Series via 3×5 Leadership.

How do you use the 168 hours that make up a week?

We all know there is a need to dedicate personal time and effort to self-development. The question is how do we do it.

With only 168 hours at our disposal, we must define (and even schedule) the time we commit to our professional development and determine what activities will comprise of our program. The 168 Series: How to use your time to develop includes 10 articles written by accomplished leaders including our very own Major General Mick Ryan (Commander Australian Defence College), Joshua Bowen (Founder of 3×5 Leadership), Steve Leonard (Doctrine Man), Joe Byerly (From the Green Notebook), The Angry Staff Officer, and more. Each author provides a unique perspective on how they use their time born from many years experience.

The series also includes a number of reflective questions that can be used as a personal guide or to facilitate group discussion.

3 x 5 Leadership is an excellent resource that is especially tailored to a military audience. The website is overflowing with blog style articles and tools to help any aspiring leader. The Cove highly recommends this resource as one to add to your favourites.



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