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Case Method Project: Company Attack on Carentan Village via Band of Brothers

The Case Method Project is a tactical tool that helps commanders sharpen their tactical decision making by thinking through real-life and simulated examples.

In this video from Band of Brothers, Easy Company attack Carentan Village in France.  It doesn’t go well.  Their FIND function has failed, and they are ambushed as they approach the village in Company-level staggered file.  They are forced to respond to the ambush, issue QBOs and CLEAR the village.


Watch the video with an intensely critical eye, as if you were there yourself and playing your genuine role.  As you go through, ask yourself the following questions:


  1.  Why did the Company get ambushed, and what could they have done to prevent it?
  2. How good is their immediate reaction to effective enemy fire?  What QBOs would you have issued?
  3. What are their major problems at each stage of the battle, and how could they overcome them?
  4. What doctrinal principles do they follow for the attack?  Are they effective?
  5. What major sustainment issues do they face, and would they be able to regenerate after the attack?


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