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Link – The Secret to a Blister Free Foot March via the Military Leader

Click the image to access the blog via the Military Leader (photo via ADF)

There are a few things in warfare that echo through the ages.  One of them is sore feet.  Soldiers have suffered blisters, and cursed their boots, for generations.  A million sores equal a million solutions … none of which seem to work for all.

This short Soldier’s Five is borrowed from the blog of one of our allies. The Military Leader is a US Army Infantry Officer with 16 years experience, including four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  His blog seeks to help any leader to develop themselves.

Here (or click the image above) he shares his advice for how to prepare your feet for those hard days on the march.  He even provides links to books by endurance and distance atheletes on how they prepare their feet for the miles.

What do you think?  Is he right, or should we follow the ‘old ways’?  While you’re thinking about it, why not check out some of his other posts?

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