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Opportunity – The Strategy Bridge Writing Contest (Deadline 30 Jun 17)

Click here to read about the Strategy Bridge Writing Contest

One of the major phenomenons of the last few years has been the growth of a network of online ‘advocacy’ organisations that seek to advance thinking about the future of war.

The Strategy Bridge, which focuses on strategy, national security and military affairs, is a leading influence in this network.  Tapping into a broad group of thinkers and analysts, it publishes articles on cutting-edge topics ranging from international relations, operational art and all the way to AI, game-theory and multi-domain battle.

The Cove was honoured in early 2017 to be selected by the Strategy Bridge as one of their partners.  Their work will play a major role in the #BreakIn, our forthcoming channel that focuses on Small Unit Leadership Teams.

Here we take great pleasure in advertising their Writing Contest.  Between now and 30 June 2017, the Bridge will accept written submissions from students in military war colleges, staff colleges, and civilian universities on a topic relating to strategy.  Ideas might include (but are not limited to):

  • Theory of strategy
  • Strategy development (within the military or between civilian and military actors/organisations)
  • Strategic history
  • Factors influencing strategy (technology, politics, geography, etc.)
  • Educating strategists
  • Strategy and the public
  • The impact of information operations on strategy
  • The future of strategy

You can read more about the Contest at the link above.  Cash prizes, publication and kudos are all on offer – things of great value to an aspiring writer and strategist!

Interested but don’t know where to start?  Check out these tips on writing from our friends at Grounded Curiosity.  Or why not hit ‘contribute’ and drop the Cove a line?  We have a growing network of writers and editors who can provide advice, proof-read work and help development arguments.  All of this can be done anonymously.  Writing on your own is hard, so don’t do it!  Tap our networks instead …

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