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Podcast – Interview with Damian Eaton – Doctrine releases ‘LWD Box of Books’

Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books

Select the images below to access the individual Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books publications.

On the 9th of March, the Australian Army launched the Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books at the Chief of Army’s Senior Advisory Committee in Canberra.

The Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books comprises eight Land Warfare Doctrine publications that describe how the Australian Army thinks about its preparation for, and conduct of, war.

Each publication focuses on the concepts and guiding principles across the spectrum of preparedness and warfighting, and is subordinate to the Army’s capstone Fundamentals of Land Power publication.

The top level doctrine publications are short in length, use a vocabulary of tried and tested descriptions of war and conflict, and have been reviewed by experts internal and external to Army. The Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books form an integrated series of publications that can be read alone or together, and has been written with a bias towards simple English and clear prose.

Development of this series of publications form part of an ongoing program of doctrine reform and reinvigoration, a key recommendation of The Ryan Review – A Study of Army’s Education, Training and Doctrine Needs for the Future.

In this short podcast, LTCOL Damian Eaton, SO1 Land Doctrine talks about the release of the Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books.

The Army Knowledge Centre is currently developing a number of modernisation initiatives that will enable Army to take a fundamental leap from ‘industrial age’ processes and procedures to an ‘information age’ system that will generate high quality online doctrine that is both responsive and agile. Read more from the Chief of Army message.

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