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LWP-G 7-5-2: Musorian Armed Forces – Land Operations, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Click the image to access LWP-G 7-5-2 Musorian Armed Forces – Land Operation, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

LWP-G 7-5-2 is the Australian Army’s doctrine on Musorian Armed Forces – Land Operations, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. It can be found by clicking the image above, or at the following link.

The information provided in this publication is not to be construed as a strategic or tactical assessment of any perceived or potential enemy. The aim of this doctrine is to provide a notional training enemy capable of undertaking conventional and unconventional operations. Consequently, the training enemy, the Musorian Armed Forces, is capable of a range of possible threats from the lower level requirements of trials through to the highest level of conventional operations, such as consideration for America, Britain, Canada and Australia (ABCA) and other coalition-level problems. The inherent flexibility of the doctrine (the ability to develop almost any level and type of threat) will significantly reduce the impact of changing strategic guidance and provide the Australian Army with the means to develop the widest possible range of operational scenarios to meet training requirements at all levels and against which the organisation, equipment and tactics of the Australian Army may be discussed and evaluated. Note: The flexible nature of this doctrine should not be abused. Although it is possible to develop (almost) any level of threat, unit commanders should confine their level of threat to that contained within current strategic and Army guidance.

Contact: SO2 ISR and Information Operations Doctrine

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