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LWP-G 7-1-2: The Instructor’s Handbook

Click the image to access LWP-G 7-1-2 The Instructor’s Handbook

LWP-G 7-1-2 is the Australian Army’s doctrine on The Instructor’s Handbook. It can be found by clicking the image above, or at the following link.

The role of the instructor is to impart skills, knowledge and attitudes to trainees. This role applies equally to all instructors regardless of whether they are conducting formal instruction within a training establishment or improving individual performance in unit workplaces.

Effective instruction means that instructors must be able to plan, prepare and deliver instruction, and conduct assessment. This handbook provides instructors with the tools and guidance required to successfully deliver training.

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Land Doctrine welcomes any feedback/contributions. Comments regarding LWP-G 7-1-2 can be made in the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the page.


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