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LWD 3-0-3: Formation Tactics

Click the image to access LWD 3-0-3 Formation Tactics (Interim)

LWD 3-0-3 is the Australian Army’s doctrine on Formation Tactics. It can be found by clicking the image above, or at the following link.

The aim of this publication is to describe the principles and considerations for foundation warfighting tactics across the range of land operations. It is a capstone document for the conduct of land tactics written to support commanders, staff and students.

This publication draws upon the philosophy and the planning and execution of operations described in Land Warfare Doctrine 3-0, Operations and guides companion doctrine on specific environmental and operational contexts as well as subordinate doctrine on techniques and procedures.

Contact: Capstone Doctrine

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Land Doctrine welcomes any feedback/contributions. Comments regarding LWD 3-0-3 can be made in the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the page.

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