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Doctrine – List of UNCLASS Publications on the ‘Cove’

The following is a list of publications and ‘other readings’ available via The Cove > Doctrine. This list will continually be updated as existing publications are reviewed and declassified.

LWD 1 The Fundamentals of Land Power

LWD 1-2 Health Support

LWD 2-0 Intelligence

LWD 3-0 Operations

LWD 3-0-1 Counterinsurgency

LWD 3-0-3 Formation Tactics

LWD 3-3-1 Employment of Army Aviation

LWD 3-3-4 Employment of Armour

LWD 3-3-7 Employment of Infantry

LWD 3-4-1 Employment of Artillery

LWD 3-6-1 Employment of Engineers

LWD 3-8-6 Civil-Military Cooperation

LWD 4-0 Combat Service Support

LWD 5-0 Planning (Draft): Released for Comment

LWD 6-0 Signals

LWD 7-5-3 Musorian Armed Forces – Non-Military Forces and Organisations – Operational Models

LWP-G 1-1-3 Postal Support

LWP-G 3-9-6 Operations in Urban Environments

LWP-G 7-0-1 The Conduct of Training

LWP-G 7-1-2 The Instructor’s Handbook

DN 1-2017 Safety Responsibilities of Umpires

LWP-G 7-5-1 Musorian Armed Forces – Organisations and Equipment

LWP-G 7-5-2 Musorian Armed Forces – Land Operations, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Other Reading

Reading List – RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart

Future Operating Environment 2035

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