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Resource – Logistics Staff Calculators

The Army School of Logistics Operations have developed logistics staff calculators to aid in staff planning. It is acknowledged that with the rapid pace of force modernisation, there will be aspects of these staff planners that do not reflect the most current ORBATs or equipment, and they do not pretend to take the place of doctrine.

However, they are provided as an aide for planners to use, change and/or amend as they require.

Comments on the utility of these planners, and amended or updated versions, can be sent to the Army School of Logistics Operations. The Cove would also welcome updated versions or articles on logistics planning to continue the debate.


Click on the above image to access the Distribution Staff Calculator
Click on the above image to access the Movement Rates Calculator


Click on the above image to access the Health Casualty Calculator
Click on the above image to access the EME Staff Calculator








5 thoughts on “Resource – Logistics Staff Calculators

  1. This needs a significant update for correctness and possibly usability.

    A quick check shows few 6 Bde, 16 Bde or 17 Bde options
    A tank Tp needing 25mm ammunition
    A very small HQ that does not allow for reinforcement (noting the poor 6/16/17X figures)
    No Land 121 vehicles
    Incorrect PMV figures (noting CSRs have had PMVs for years)

    There are also significant errors in the staff tables within doctrine that require review.

    Finally, Solomon is correct – we don’t order in pallets and while easy to do on paper, this undermines planning ability (especially with AAvn / RAAF elements). There should be an option for weight and raw containers.

  2. My previous comment appears to have been deleted – but my question stands.

    This is inaccurate and has numerous errors with no/little applicability to 6/16/17X units. Can this, and applicable doctrine, be updated please?

  3. Thank you for your comments Lindsay. It is acknowledged that there are some inaccuracies in the tables, however they are provided as a planning tool for staff to use and amend as appropriate. They are not doctrine and should not be taken as such.

    Both ASLO and the Cove would welcome amended / updated versions as and when they are developed by units and / or individuals.

  4. Solomon and Lindsay,
    Have you heard of the ADF Planning Tool called VIPA ? (Vital Planning and Analysis developed by DSTG circa 2009 – available on both DRN and DSN). I am the Data Services Manager for this capability / tool and can advise you on how to gain access.
    6, 16 and 17 Bde ORBAT details are in ‘reasonable’ shape in VIPA as are the underlying Consumption models – ground-based RAAF elements not so much.

    The CSS Doctrine Cell at ALTC has just commenced discussion for updating LWP CSS 4-0-1 CSS in the Theatre and whether some of the Tabulated Data in Doctrine is better located in a dynamic planning tool like VIPA.

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