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Podcast – What is Virtual War? by Steve Banach via the Modern War Institute

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In this episode of the Modern War Institute (MWI) Podcast, retired US Army Colonel Steve Banach discusses the notion of ‘virtual war’.

In the article, Steve explains that there is ‘a war raging in a virtual battlespace and is playing out in a physical battlespace.’ This virtual battle is occurring daily through offensive and defensive cyber operations, social media, information operations, AI, and its stealth technologies. This then transitions and plays out in the physical environment.

Steve states social control is the goal of virtual war. With the wide availability of technology, (for example global satellite imagery, financial instruments, iphone ‘fitbits’), these capabilities can be used to conduct virtual campaigning and translated into physical battlespace campaigning.

Whilst Steve’s interview is primarily focussed at the strategic level, it is relevant across all levels of command. The article highlights the need to consider the virtual domain when planning and conducting operations to either deny information or to exploit technology through Information Dominance and Influence.

The MWI site also provides further links to articles related to this podcast.



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