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Paper – Forging the Centre of Gravity

Click on the image to access ‘Forging the Centre of Gravity’ by Troy Mitchell

According to Australian Army Doctrine LWD 5.0 – Planning, the Centre of Gravity (COG) is ‘a source of power that provides moral, physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act’. When the enemy’s COG is compromised, our chances of winning the battle are significantly increased. For this reason, a thorough COG analysis is critical to the planning process.

In this short paper, author Troy Mitchell argues that the best way for planners to conduct a COG analysis is to employ Structures Analytic Techniques (SAT).

He briefly outlines the Eikmeier Methodology developed by US COL Dale Eikmeier and explains how this can be used in conjunction with the CARVER Method

The paper poses the question of whether we currently go far enough in our critical COG analysis to fully understand our adversaries and prevent strategic surprise.


About the author: Dr Troy E. Mitchell has served in the United States Marine Corps since 1999 and has a Doctorate in Strategic Security. He currently serves as an exchange officer to the ADF as SO1 Effects to the Amphibious Task Group ARG.

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