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Introduction – Command Post by Major Michael Fry

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Welcome to ‘Command Post’, the Cove channel dedicated to supporting personnel fulfilling Staff¹ appointments.

Working in a Headquarters for the first time can be an uncomfortable and daunting experience. The Command Post is designed to assist you by providing resources that will help in your day to day role. It has been developed to support staff appointed to a Battlegroup Headquarters through to Joint Interagency Task Force. The information within this channel is particularly relevant to Senior Non-Commisioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers (Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel).

The Command Post is designed to build upon the formal education and training you have received at Army’s training institutions as well as the knowledge and experience acquired through previous postings. We have used a holistic approach, including a combination of written articles, blogs and academic papers that offer valuable insight and advice, as well practical tools and exemplars that can be downloaded and modified to suit your individual needs.

Many of the templates and exemplars have been generated by Defence members to assist them with planning or to undertake their role more effectively. It is through this collaborative effort that the Command Post will be truly successful for now and in the future. We at the Cove encourage all staff to contribute where they can by contacting Your contribution will help others, just as others have helped you.

While the majority of resources are unclassified and can be accessed anytime via the Internet, some documents are only available on the Defence Protected Network (DPN). It should also be noted that videos and podcasts (media) are currently not able to be played via the DPN.

Command Post Themes

Command Post has three sub themes – Staff Officer Skills, Planning & Liaison and Staff Functions.

Staff Officer Skills. This theme is designed to assist you in your primary role – supporting and advising your Commander. A series of articles and blogs have been selected which contain tips and recommendations from those who have worked in a staff environment. It offers varying perspectives which may assist your understanding of what is required and the skills you will need to succeed.

Planning.  This theme is designed to complement doctrine. It provides resources to help you during the planning process and includes articles and videos that were previously available in the Cove’s ‘Break in’ channel. A key set of resources in this theme are the templates and exemplars that can be found in Combat Brigade Standard Operating Procedures (DPN only). These files can be downloaded using the appropriate Microsoft application and modified as required.

Staff Functions. This theme contains resources that will assist staff to perform specific functions within a Headquarters. As more products become available, the theme will expand into groupings based on the Common Joint Staff System.

Key Resources

LWP-G 0-5-1 Staff Officer’s Guide. A staff’s primary function is the provision of support to a commander. LWP-G 0-5-1 is Army’s key publication for staff and is the primary guidance for ‘the operation of a headquarters staff when planning and conducting operations’. This resource provides valuable information on staff officer responsibilities, command and control, liaison, planning, briefing and orders. Additionally, it can be used to assist you in your corps speciality.

Combat Training Centre Trends Reports 2010-2016. Each year the Combat Training Centre (CTC) produces a trends report that identifies performance trends throughout the calendar year. These reports will increase your understanding of common faults as well as ‘sustains’ observed during collective training activities.

The Unofficial Staff Officers Guide This resource brings together useful insights and recommendations from experienced personnel. It combines ‘lessons learnt’ with practical and valuable advice. Complimenting doctrine, it is a unique way to present information and will assist you with a greater understanding of your role.


¹Staff is defined as a group of military and/or civilian personnel assisting the Commander

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