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Link – Video: Fallen of WWII by Neil Halloran

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For those who like to learn visually, this is one of the better resources available in understanding the scale and damage that occurred during World War II.  This interactive documentary written and narrated  by Neil Halloran, examines the human cost of WWII and the decline in casualties in the years since that conflict.

The video The Fallen of WWII discusses both military and civilian fatalities and uses excellent imagery and graphics to illustrate the most significant war of our time. It also provides us with a valuable history lesson along the way.

The website encourages donations from viewers for those who feel that it is appropriate to do so, but you are able to watch the video for free via the site, and also via YouTube.

One thought on “Link – Video: Fallen of WWII by Neil Halloran

  1. The problem with this video is that it integrates deaths caused by mass state killing (the Holocaust and its innumerable victims) in the WW2 statistics, but doesn’t include similar instances of mass killing post-WW2 in the overall bar chart (despite pointing out that Mao and Stalin were responsible for a total of 60m deaths in another part of the video). This warps the impact of WW2 – after all why should a death in a gulag during WW2 “count”, but not count in 1946? It’s a pretty graphic/narrative, but should be used with caution.

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