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Link – Tactical Art in Future Wars via War on the Rocks

“The flurry of self-congratulatory prose emerging from multi-domain warfare literature today obscures the fact that a slogan such as “multi-domain” is not doctrine, and doctrine rooted in the fundamental tenets of warfare is a prerequisite for meaningful reform.”

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In this link from our friends at War on the Rocks, Robert Scales argues that sloganeering alone will not win the next war. While he welcomes a review of operational level concepts, he argues that “new technologies are inducing new battlefield imperatives and are forcing the nexus of ground warfare continually downward”. As a result, investment in tactical innovation, including increasing the lethality of dispersed combat elements, is just as important as grand concepts. He argues that our soldiers and junior officers have a critical role to play in supporting “a parallel path of reform that builds from the bottom up as well as top down”. Well worth the read!

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