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Link – Leadership that Gets Results

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This article titled ‘Leadership that gets results’ by Daniel Goleman is unfortunately currently only available to our Australian Defence Force members that have access to the Cove via the internal Defence Protected Network. However, an executive summary (and options for purchase) is provided via the Harvard Business Review.


The article outlines that even with all the leadership training programs and advice available, effective leadership still manages to elude many people and organisations. The author suggests that this is partly because the ‘experts’ offer advice based on inference, experience, and instinct, and not on quantitative data. David Goleman combats this by drawing on research of more than 3,000 executives and uses his findings to explore which precise leadership styles yield positive results. He outlines six distinct leadership behaviours, and indicates that each one comes from different components of emotional intelligence. He explains that each style has a unique effect on the working atmosphere of a company or team, and in turn, on its performance.


Read the article and take note of the parallels to the Australian Army working environment. Reflect on how you might use the information contained in the article to better serve your workplace and team.



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