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Link – International Military Leadership Association Workshop

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As part of the Leadership & Ethics package on the #BreakIn we’ve located and centralised a number of fantastic online resources for you.  Here we are proud to link you to another brilliant website – the International Military Leadership Association Workshop.   The website contains a number of books, essays and papers on leadership and ethics within their annual publications since 2006.  Publications of note include:

  • In Pursuit of Excellence: International Perspectives of Military Leadership (2006)
  • Strategic Leadership Development: International Perspectives (2007)
  • Professional Ideology & Development: International Perspectives (2008)
  • Decision-Making: International Perspectives (2009)
  • Military Ethics: International Perspectives (2010)
  • Developing the Next Generation of Military Leaders: Challenges, Imperatives and Strategies (2011)
  • Threats to Military Professionalism: International Perspectives (2012)
  • The Comprehensive Approach to Operations: International Perspectives (2013)
  • Adaptive Leadership in the Military Context: International Perspectives (2014)
  • Overcoming Leadership Challenges: International Perspectives (2015)
  • Negative Leadership: International Perspectives (2016)


Select the topics which are most applicable to you and open the publication to unlock numerous essays and contributions from subject matter experts which will enhance your knowledge across the specific area.



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