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At the #BreakIn, we aim to link you through to a number of the high quality resources available to enhance your critical thinking and analysis skills, and arm you with knowledge to improve your performance and understanding of the profession of arms.

One of the best Australian military resources available is Grounded Curiosity. The site covers off on a broad range of topics that span across all areas of the #BreakIn.

From their website: Grounded Curiosity aims to start a conversation with military personnel about our profession of arms. Our military is built on people – Grounded Curiosity provides a space to share ideas and strengthen the professional curiosity of our people as we grapple with the challenges of future war and warfare.

The topics aim to spark debate as we focus our minds and training on future operations. We encourage you to continue the debate both online and offline with your peers, subordinates and commanders in order to learn and adapt as a team.

The four Grounded Curiosity sections provide for:

  • Blog. This is the primary function of Grounded Curiosity – a space for military personnel to share and debate written work with an international audience including Australia, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
  • Innovation. Grounded Curiosity hosts DEF Australia (DEF Aus). DEF Aus is a subsidiary group of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum – an association of emerging military leaders networked with senior mentors in pursuit of transforming innovation into genuine capability.
  • Opportunities. Provides practical information on opportunities for self-initiated and formalised professional development.
  • Podcasts. Featuring candid discussions on future warfare with scholars, commanders and military professionals.

We cannot recommend Grounded Curiosity enough for your #PME needs. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or jump directly on their site to unlock an excellent array of high quality material.

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