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Link – Australian Military History Website

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At the #BreakIn we like to link you to other websites and resources that may be of assistance to you.  Here we feature the official Australian Government website on Military History.  The website contains a vast array of professional resources aimed at educating you on Australian military history, as well as specific battles and conflicts.  The website features resources on:

  • Australia and the Vietnam War
  • Australia’s involvement in the Korean War
  • Australia’s War 1939-1945
  • History of the Australian Army
  • Australia’s involvement in South-East Asian Conflicts
  • Australians at War (via the Australian War Memorial and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs)
  • Australians on the Western Front 1914-1918
  • Royal Australian Air Force – History
  • Royal Australian Navy – History
  • The Kokoda Track
  • The Thai-Burma Railway and Hellfire Pass


Click through the various resources available and consider developing the information into a professional development session for your team.  You could divide the topics and have a different person present each week to enhance the knowledge of the collective group across a range of Australian military history topics.


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