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Link – Australian Defence Force Leadership Doctrine

In order to understand the relevant leadership theories and influences used by each of the services of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), we must first turn to doctrine.

Unfortunately, for the time being, these publications are only available to those users who can access the Cove via the internal Defence Protected Network, however there is a team of dedicated individuals who are working on re-writing doctrine and making the vast majority of the publications available on the wider internet so that they can be accessed by anyone at anytime.

For those members of the ADF who are fortunate enough to have access to the Defence Protected Network, here is a summary of a number of key leadership doctrine publications from each of the services:

  • LWD 0-0 Command, Leadership and Management provides the framework for understanding the Australian Army’s approach to command, leadership and management in order to provide a foundation for practical application. The publication is applicable to commanders at every level, regardless of rank.
  • LWD 0-2 Leadership provides an outline of the Army’s approach to leadership, the ethos and values, individual and team behaviours, and other skills that are foundational for leadership, and the knowledge to practise effective team leadership. It also provides guidance for the instructional staff who train and develop the Army’s leaders.
  • ADDP 00.6 Leadership the (draft) ADF doctrine on Leadership as at May 2016, which includes a chapter on developing ADF leaders.
  • The Royal Australian Navy Leadership Ethic outlines the ethical basis of leadership in the profession of arms, and frames a way of thinking about leadership, but does not prescribe any methodology.
  • The Royal Australian Air Force Leadership Companion develops the concept of Professional Mastery, which recognises the human elements underpinning the application of air power.

Challenge yourself to read about how the other services approach Command, Leadership and Management.  Do you think the Australian Army should look at adopting any of the values and theories taught by the Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force?

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