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Introducing the ‘Break In’ – Our New Channel for Sub-Unit Leadership Teams

The ‘Break In’ – the new Cove theme for sub-unit leadership teams

In December 2016, the Deputy Chief of Army launched ‘The Cove’, a new initiative designed to provide a modern professional development network for the Australian Army.  It sought to provide a hub for collective and individual self-study, in support of formal education, to help us develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to sharpen our cognitive edge.

On August 25th 2017 we are launching the next chapter of our journey towards professional mastery – the ‘Break In’ channel.

The majority of featured Cove posts to date have been contained within the ‘Trenchline’ series, which is primarily designed for those in their first command appointment and junior soldiers.  The ‘Break In’ series is focussed around sub-unit leadership teams, designed to help current OCs, 2ICs, CSM / SSMs and senior SGTs to develop collaboratively, and to prepare those approaching this stage of command.  It will also specifically support MAJs about to attend the Australian Command and Staff College, allowing you to arrive with a greater depth of understanding in the key theories of war.

The Break In channel will be structured around 6 sub-themes, drawn from the pillars of professional mastery within the Ryan Review.  On the front page, you’ll see a series of filter buttons to allow you to focus resources.  They are:

  • War.
  • Tactics & Technical.
  • Leadership & Ethics.
  • Strategy.
  • Operational Art.
  • Military History & Organisational Theory.

Some of these concepts are pretty complex, and will be new to those arriving into the theme for the first time.  To help, we have also added an ‘Intros’ filter, which will give you resources to introduce the key concepts that you start hitting at this stage of your career.

We will be publishing a wide range of Australian and international resources aimed at enhancing professional development within units as well as self study for individuals. We hope to encourage debate and improve shared wisdom across the Army. Don’t forget you can hit ‘Subscribe’ and, using just an email, sign up for updates on the sections you are interested in. You can also follow The Cove – Australian Army on Facebook or @covetweet on Twitter to keep up to date with new posts.

The Cove is your resource, and it seeks to make the most of a small contribution from across Army. It needs feeding! We are always on the hunt for quality contributions from individuals and units, so if you have ideas, articles or resources that you think others may benefit from, feel free to hit ‘Contribute’ or drop us a line at



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