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Cove Intro – ‘Breaking In’ to Military History & Organisational Theory


Click here to immediately download the intro.

The #BreakIn is the Cove’s channel dedicated to the development of Sub-Unit Leadership Teams and those wishing to invest in their professional military education.  Some of the concepts in the #BreakIn can be complex, so we have designed a series of introductory guides or ‘Intros’ that are designed to help you ‘break in’ to the subject matter. The intros are not exhaustive, we have simply tried to assist you by centralising some of the high quality content available that will assist you in your professional development.

Here we present the ‘Breaking In’ to Military History & Organisational Theory‘  intro which has been reviewed by a number of subject-matter experts and key stakeholders, and brings you some of the best content available on the subject.  Open the document to unlock content to suit all learning styles including books, articles, videos, blogs, lessons and podcasts.

For Australian Defence Force members with Defence Protected Network access, you can access the Break In resources and reading lists via the Defence Library Service here.

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