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Video – Flipped Classrooms: How Simple Changes Can Enhance Learning

In this short video, Lieutenants Dutton and McVey explain how a flipped classroom differs from the tradition model of instruction. They also offer some simple suggestions on how to incorporate a flipped classroom concept into training as a way to maximise learning.

About the presenters: This video was produced by a team of dedicated educators from the Education Wing at the Land Warfare Centre. Contact Education Wing via the Defence Protected Network (DPN) for individual and unit education support.

One thought on “Video – Flipped Classrooms: How Simple Changes Can Enhance Learning

  1. A great insight and nudge for us to consider an alternative method to deliver information. This model is a true adult learning framework that has an expectation that the learner will come to the table with an awareness and willingness to learn by sharing knowledge and experience. Even without digital products, simple reading or reflection tasks can prime the mind with specific content that can be developed once the class comes together for the face to face component. This format is the optimal method for the senior All Corps courses and should be trialed. Next, how about alternative options to construct and deliver information in an adult learning model once the class comes together (such as the Experiential Learning Model).

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