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Publication – Smart Soldier 52

Smart Soldier is produced by Army Knowledge Centre (AKC) and publishes tactical lessons and tips for soldiers to improve their knowledge and expertise.

This Special Edition is dedicated to Land Range Safety with the foreword authored by Brigadier Ben James, DG TRADOC.

Articles include:

  • Land Range Safety improvements and initiatives
  • Update to principles of weapon safety
  • Range training assurance – Generating capability through adherence with world best safety practices
  • WTSS – Enabling every soldier to be an expert in close combat
  • Future updates to WTSS
  • Supporting training as we fight through Range Safety
  • Preparing for a range activity
  • Pre-Activity Range Checklist
  • PWTSS – Friendly competition on the virtual range
  • SOCOMD Information and Fitness App (SOFIT)
  • QDE – Takistan Ambush. Co-developed by elements from across AKC, it comes in four parts: it will refresh your doctrine, educate you on pertinent lessons, test you during the QDE, then give you an opportunity to test your plan at your local Battle Simulation Site. An outstanding tool to develop yourself or your soldiers in a close combat scenario.


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