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Paper – Gamification: Press ‘START’ to Begin

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 “Many of us already game, and for good reason – because it appeals to us (when designed well) and it is fun. That is why we spend hundreds of hours achieving something that does not exist, and is gone when the saved game is deleted.”

Gamification is an ever-growing industry, which uses proven techniques to influence human behaviour. It applies the principles that makes games so enjoyable to make real-world activities more engaging. In this paper Callum Muntz argues that gamification can be used to enhance Army’s training. He believes that by taking the best elements of game design and applying them to course design we can alter and improve the way in which learners can progress and demonstrate mastery.

About the author: Callum Muntz is an Infantry Officer serving in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. He has served in the Army for 14 years inside Combat Brigades, SOCOMD, Kapooka and RMC-D. He considers himself a proud nerd, an avid Star Wars fan, and a gamer (when he finds time around his nine month old son) – even if he isn’t very good.

2 thoughts on “Paper – Gamification: Press ‘START’ to Begin

  1. Callum,

    Thank you for that great article. Not a field I would have personally explored otherwise. I will certainly be looking into gamification to enhance training design inside my small sphere of influence.

  2. G’day Beau,

    Thanks for the kind words. I certainly hope it opens some avenues of exploration for you when considering your training design.

    If you are truly interested, I cannot over-recommend ‘Actionable Gamification’. A great book.

    I think the next step is probably demonstrating how to implement the idea of ‘Human-Focused Design’ into existing training. This may give people a real, tangible way of understanding just how they can make their training better (i.e. motivate their trainees to desire the training).

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