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Link – ‘Virtual Reality Games Fuel a Military Training Revolution’ via GovTech Works

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Imagine running through a forest shooting at virtual reality targets, not just on your own, but as a formation. While this still sounds like science fiction, the reality may not be too far away.

According to the author T.R Witcher, rapid developments in computer technology, beginning with high-speed, low-power processor chips and continuing with increased network capability and better bandwidth compression algorithms, are making this type of scenario possible.

The ability to conduct ‘point of need’ training in a realistic environment will eventually see the end of expensive life-sized simulators. Training can be tailored to any situation such as emergency procedures, mechanical repairs, and high stress and dangerous training.

There are many hurdles that must first be overcome before virtual reality becomes an integral part of training. Total immersion in a virtual world is for now quite disorientating, however, as that world becomes more real, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

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