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Link – ‘Firepower: Lessons from the Great War’ by Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company

Click on the image or here to quickly access the seminars ‘Firepower: Lessons from the Great War’

The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company has been running a series of seminars on the theme Firepower: Lessons from the Great War. Although there is an artillery flavor to the series, it is relevant for anybody interested in military history and the profession of arms.

The seminars provide a comprehensive review of the role of firepower during what has been regarded as one of the most globally significant conflicts of all time. Whilst the series theme is firepower, the seminars include analysis within the wider context of warfare including command and control, combined arms, technology and force generation & sustainment. The ‘Firepower’ series has been running for three years with seminars covering the events from the Anzac Landings in April 1915 to the final Hindenburg Line breaches in September 1918. Copies of the presentations from the individual seminars are available here.

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