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Link – ‘Command and Control in Modern Warfare: The Importance of Talent, Experience and Expertise’ via the AARC


Click on the image to access: Command and Control in Modern Warfare; the importance of talent, experience and expertise


This paper is the first in the Occasional Paper – Command and Leadership Series and is published in line with one of the Chief of Army’s primary tasks for the Australian Army Research Centre (AARC); to enhance the quality of leadership in Army.

Larger armies and greater dispersion mean commanders can no longer see the complete battlefield. Headquarters have become larger and more sophisticated in order to direct bigger and more complex armies. Similarly, high-tech information-age C2 systems have replaced the flags, trumpets and messengers of the pre-industrial period.

So what impacts have these changes had on command and leadership within the Australian Army?

Authors Lieutenant Colonel Grant Chambers, Colonel Chris Smith, and Dr Leanne Rees have examined this question in detail and have made a number of key findings and recommendations.






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